Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm Back!!! 2014, with new Farm Animals!!!!

I do apologize for the long delay from my blog.  From being short on my IPad skills and NOT remembering my passwords,.. I have been off line for over a full year.  There were SO many wonderful thing that happened to Blockhead Arts in 2013.  Ill bring them all up in little bites, just not to over do it.
Starting now- we will start with the Bawk Bawk series...  My grandmother raised chicken from time to time.  I would always name them and hand feed them.  She  said that I would go and talk to them.. Just saying Bawk .. Bawk.. Bawk... So this series are in honor of Mimi and her chicken days.
 I will plan to blog once a week!!! With some cool family or show stories
Anyone interested in the above art "Mr.Hee Haw or Bawk Balk 2014... These are 9x19, and can be found on my Esty page or email me!! Blessing to all... Missed you!!


  1. So glad you are on the road again and cannot wait to see you again in GA!

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  3. Just learning about your work. So nice to read about your work.
    David Cunningham