Friday, March 22, 2013

Fountain City Art Festival - Its a no go!!!

With a heavy heart, I am sorry I will not be attending the Fountain City Art Festival, in Prattville, Alabama this year. Due to the potential of bad weather, in the next few days. The show has postpone the show till Sunday 24. I totally understand their call on this, for me its ALWAYS safety first. Last year, I lost my tent, display, and broke my foot at a bad weather show. (so I'm a bit gun shy) I will be submitting for the show in 2014. Its a good group of artists and fine group of folks that promote this show! So See you in 2014!!!


  1. Wow, can you imagine the debate on canceling that show. And it turned out not to be bad in the day light hours, But at night. Humm good choice.

  2. I purchased one of your pieces of your Grandma Mimi yesterday at Kentuck. I just love it!