Saturday, November 29, 2014

Its been a wonderful 2014 - Part one

Just like I said "It's been a wonderful 2014!!"  Ok back to my "bad" computer skills.  Again, lost my log in information ... And learn to write everything down.  Hopefully this will be a not reoccurring issue!!
Part One:
Ok... Back to a wonderful 2014!   This year has been full of surprises!!
First movies...
In 2013 met a set director from New York. ( short story).... They purchased 3 selections for the
movie " Prisoners" released September 2013. ( released & dvd)
And once you don't think lightning can strike twice.... What happens.. A movie list for 2014
Line of Site - TV movie - 2  art selections
Coffee Shop - TV movie - 4 art selection (showing now)
The Fifth Wave -4 art selections-  should be late 2015 or early 2016
Who would have guessed what a lucky streak I have had. (Not me)
Photos showing are just a few of their choices.

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