Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The newest design - "The Boys"

Since I have had the "The Sisters" or "Mimi and Margie" design... I have been searching for the perfect male photo. I had looked thu 100's of family photo, about to drive my sister crazy... but no luck.
Yesterday must have been a lucky day for me. Two wonderful things happen... ( I have learned thing happen for a reason, just don't ask First, Ms Arlene Norton of "The Parlor at Devilish Mary's" asked me to join the gallery. Within the next week I should have some of my pieces on display. Second, due to the contact with the gallery ... I met a Mr. Bob Franks on line, so just looking thu the photos on the front face book page.... I saw them... The Boys... the best vintage photos ever!!! It turns out that the boys were actually Mr. Franks grandmother's cousins. (that's a mouth full!!) It was exactly what I had been searching for.. it is adorable!! The only thing is .. this is NOT my family.. so I will just will have to adopt the fellows!! Thanks again to Arlene and Bob!!