Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The newest design - "The Boys"

Since I have had the "The Sisters" or "Mimi and Margie" design... I have been searching for the perfect male photo. I had looked thu 100's of family photo, about to drive my sister crazy... but no luck.
Yesterday must have been a lucky day for me. Two wonderful things happen... ( I have learned thing happen for a reason, just don't ask First, Ms Arlene Norton of "The Parlor at Devilish Mary's" asked me to join the gallery. Within the next week I should have some of my pieces on display. Second, due to the contact with the gallery ... I met a Mr. Bob Franks on line, so just looking thu the photos on the front face book page.... I saw them... The Boys... the best vintage photos ever!!! It turns out that the boys were actually Mr. Franks grandmother's cousins. (that's a mouth full!!) It was exactly what I had been searching for.. it is adorable!! The only thing is .. this is NOT my family.. so I will just will have to adopt the fellows!! Thanks again to Arlene and Bob!!


  1. Super cute boys! I don't know that you should adopt them though....they look mischievious to they are pretending they didn't just do something!! LOL

    I'm so glad to have met you!!! xoxo

  2. Yes Sunny,
    They look like lots of trouble!!!! lol