Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A fun day with Kama Darr (bff)

There is a lot to say about these photos... WOW.. was my first expression of amazement. With an I-phone in her hand, Kama Darr, took photos while shaking her wrist back and forth... who would have thought it?? I actually look like a Arty person. Some of those faces look as if I was enjoying the WHOLE process!! (I was...lol) It only proves I only look great if its in black and white, and I don't know what I'm doing!!! lol
That's just the way I roll!!


  1. And I spent how much on a fancy-ass Nikkon? I agree, the photos are great! I gotta get one of those I-phones. I met you today at Folk Fest. Would you believe you are the second Blockhead I know? Love your work, and will be exploring your blog. Karmen

  2. Just checked. The other Blockhead is from Tasmania, Australia. You are the number one Blockhead in America!

  3. Hi :) I saw your art last weekend at Folk Fest. Loved it :) We bought a painting, a Woof one with a teal dog. Good to find ya on blogspot