Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The newest design - "My mother said"

Our mothers were always giving tips for life. You may have your favorite. I have selected 3... "Don't hit your brother","Don't talk to strangers", and "Eat all of you peas." The funny part is I hear me saying the same things. These pieces has those words included in the back ground, but sightly obscure. As I was processing the first piece... I could hear her in the back ground... shut the frig door, home work before tv, love one another. Good words to live by!


  1. This design is great! I love the pink and black and white!

  2. My mother use to say....if your friends jumped off the roof , would you? Shot they would be following me....LOL I love the new design..... Check out my blog now...www.jerrijunque.blogspot.com

  3. My mother had a thing about my bra strap showing. It would just drive her nuts. Also, when I would ask her where we were going, she would start singing "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. Strange little quirks that make memories. It's funny, my last blog post was about something that will have my kids rolling their eyes for years. It's my turn after all :)

    Love your work! I'm going to take a stroll around your blog. Glad to meet you!