Thursday, December 2, 2010

Work in Progress

Work in progress!! Only one more show for this year. (yea!) I have already took stock of inventory and started on my long list of things to get painted!! I have a total of 63 active designs. Pieces showing are in process.. they are all setting in drying racks. (re-purposed record holders 45's ) I have finished my first year as an active artist... aka gypsy!! It has been a total success. I send a grateful thank-you to the Lord, customers, friends and family. It has been a dream come true. Here comes 2011!!!

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  1. Glad you posted, I saw Belinda from Belinor yesterday, she came by the shop. She had been to see her dad, ( the family needs prayer). I enjoyed her visit. I figured you had been working...when it is all over, we will make another trip to Pell City. Let me know!