Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I cant belive its October!!

Well its October 5th, how did that happen? Since I have been working night and day, September slipped right by!! Beside working the whole time I have join a great blog
http://oldfarmhousegathering.blogspot.com/. Its a collection of professional artisans that create anything from primitive to Shabby Chic. Its a cool place to visit!! The gals are full of good information, cooking tips, and good stories. Drop in any time.
I was at the Norcross Art Festival. You have never seen such a grouping of talented artist! This festival can be found listed as www//splashfestivals.com/ . I was amazed at the quality of art work. Only top notch!
I would like to thank all the patrons of the show. And a special Thank you, to my customers! It was a successful show!!
The photo here is a black and white version of my "Grow Flowers." When it sold.. I wondered if I had taken any photos... Well I found one.. so I guess I did. Check in next week for the update on the next show!!

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