Monday, May 3, 2010

The official announcement

Yellow Daisy Festival

2010 Featured Artist

With the love of discarded, rusty, worn or “just beat up a little a bit”, Marian Baker, the 2010 Yellow Daisy Festival featured artist, loves old materials that have character. Marian, who hails from Oneonta, Alabama had this to say in regards to her work:

“I am an artist that loves the re-purpose of every day materials. Finding the new value of discarded material, should be the purpose for everyone. In the days of “recycle or green", I do not use any traditional materials.”

This contemporary folk art work is created with oil pastels, acrylics and charcoal pencil. Vintage paper is adhered to game boards or cigar boxes. Each piece is painted, stamped, distressed and then sealed with layers of wax. 95% of Marian’s work is on recycled materials and each piece is original art.

Having already received such a positive response from guests and galleries, Marian plans to leave the corporate world this summer and start a new path in the arts. “I feel as if I have been on a long sleep and just have woken up.”

The Yellow Daisy Festival is proud of what this year’s featured artwork represents. Not only is it a creative way to reinvent old materials but it also encompasses the tradition of the Yellow Daisy Shopper. We are all “Daisy Chicks” at heart!


  1. Okay heres your post.....Please up date....need to know where is the next show...need to know what you need for me to look for....need to know how many days you have to work. I need to know.....

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